ISEPP 2014 International Annual Mental Health Conference: Transforming Mad Science and Re-imagining Mental Health Care

Los Angeles, CA. Nov. 14-16, 2014

ISEPP 2013: Conference presenter Jean-Philippe Vaillancourt, Ph.D. on Civil and Criminal Forensic Assessments

Civil and Criminal Forensic Assessments: How can we help, how can we harm

The objective of this presentation is to outline the role of Psychologists as Forensic experts and to expose how we can influence the Court to take into account the flaws of the biopsychiatry model and give more humanizing care to the ones in need. We will also provide case exemples in which our work has been helpful or disadvantageous for clients

 Learning Objectives:

Better understand the role forensic psychologists may have, especially in educating the Court on the weak science behind the biopsych model. Better understand our influence in the way Judges will handle Court Ordered care.

jean3Dr. Vaillancourt is a Forensic Psychologist in private practice and a Lecturer at the Psychology Department of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières in Canada. He also gives lectures and workshops for different organizations including DYP region offices on the scientific flaws of the Biopsych model. He is an ISEPP member since 2009.



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