ISEPP 2014 International Annual Mental Health Conference: Transforming Mad Science and Re-imagining Mental Health Care

Los Angeles, CA. Nov. 14-16, 2014

ISEPP 2013 Conference Presenter Dominick Riccio, Ph.D. on “How to work with first psychotic episodes in teen and college students”

dominicDominick J. Riccio, Ph.D. is the past International Executive Director of ISEPP (formerly ICSPP). He is a psychologist-psychoanalyst in private practice in New York City and was a Supervisor and Training Analyst at various psychoanalytic institutes.  Dr. Riccio is past co-founder and Clinical Director of Encounter Inc., a prototype drug rehabilitation program for teenagers, and Past President of the Association for Modern Psychoanalysis. He is also Past Vice President of the Society for Modern Psychoanalysis as well as Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for the Treatment and Research of Psychosomatic Disorders. All of the foregoing treatment programs provided treatment without the use of psychoactive drugs. He has been an active proponent of psychosocial solutions as opposed to biopsychiatric interventions and has lectured frequently at hospitals, colleges, professional conferences and other professional organizations. He has also appeared on radio and television in an effort to educate the public on the treatment of children and adults diagnosed with ADHD, depression and psychotic conditions, without drugs

Dr. Riccio’s 2013 ISEPP conference presentation will address the theory and practical therapeutic technique for working with first psychotic episode teenagers and college students. This presentation will describe why the current standard of psychiatric care frequently transforms teenage angst , fear , confusion, loneliness, anger, and emotioal overwhelm into a tragic situation which has life long negative consequences Psychosis will be defined and the current psychiatric standard of care will be described (10 min.). The theory of how to avoid this all too common outcome will be explained and an understanding of adolescent and college age psychotic phenomena will be described and discussed with examples.(10 min). Effective techniques and strategies for addressing these phenomena will be elucidated with examples and there will be a discussion of how to work with parents and school authorities and how to coordinate the work with allied professionals.(20min) Finally treatment goals will be outlined and questions will be answered (10min)

Learning Objectives:

The attendees will learn how to differentiate between first time adolescent psychotic episodes and more chronic psychotic phenomena. They will learn why the current standard of psychiatric care generally is much less effective and may lead to long term damaging effects. they will learn the theory and technique of working more effectively with this population and to resolve the real underlying issues.They will learn how to coordinate the treatment an attain more rapid remission .


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