ISEPP 2014 International Annual Mental Health Conference: Transforming Mad Science and Re-imagining Mental Health Care

Los Angeles, CA. Nov. 14-16, 2014

ISEPP 2013 and Effective & Ethical Strategies for Managing Challenging Behaviors in Youth with David Stein PHD


Effective & Ethical Strategies for Managing Challenging Behaviors in Youth with David Stein PHD

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9:30-10:00 am – REGISTRATION

10:00-12:30 pm – MORNING SESSION

12:30-1:30 pm – LUNCH ON YOUR OWN

1:30-4:00 pm – AFTERNOON SESSION

Controlling Difficult Children who Misbehave and Hate School Work: No Drugs or Diagnoses Needed!

Three Topics will be covered:

1. Unraveling the real scoop on the growing epidemic of childhood psychiatric diseases.
• How the disease research is being misrepresented, and what the real facts are.
• How the research is being used by the pharmaceutical companies to convince the professional community and the public of the necessity of using psychiatric drugs.

2. Learning the truth about psychiatric drugs.
• What the drugs are.
• How the drugs really work, and how there is misleading information that they correct chemical imbalances.
• What the health risks of these drugs are to the developing brains and bodies of children.

3. Learn the actual steps of the Caregiver’s Skills Program, CSP. The audience will learn:
• How to identify problem behaviors that occur in the home, called Target Behaviors.
• What are the appropriate parental goals and expectations for each of the Target Behaviors.
• How to increase and improve desired behaviors.
• How to correctly and effectively discipline undesired behaviors.
• How to improve grades, school conduct, and school performance – without drugs.
• How to improve communication with and grow closer to your child.
• How to teach important values to your child to prevent any further problems.
The audience will leave will the confidence of knowing precisely how to end ADD/ADHD and how to have a healthy, happy child – without ever needing to resort to dangerous psychiatric drugs.



David B. Stein, Ph.D., DACFE

Dr. David B. Stein is a Professor of Criminal Justice at Virginia State University, in Petersburg, Virginia and a former Professor of Psychology at Longwood University, a state college in Central Virginia.  He has won numerous honors and awards for his thirty years of devoted work in offering drug-free treatment and parenting alternatives for the most difficult and out-of-control-children and teens. He has been listed in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers for many years and The Cambridge Who’s Who; he is a Diplomate as a Forensics Examiner; he was awarded the 2000 outstanding teacher and scholar at Longwood University; and his research on ADD/ADHD treatment was selected as one of the top ten for media coverage award at the 1998 American Psychological Association Convention; he was awarded the Outstanding Achievement award in 2005 from The International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology; and his most recent award was in 2008 for Human Rights achievements from The Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights. His book Ritalin is Not the Answer was endorsed as required reading by all parents, educators, and doctors at the 2001 Ritalin Litigation Conference in New York. His work was featured in the 2001 text Advances in Medicine. He is a reader and reviewer for the very prestigious Oxford University Press.

He has an extensive list of research publications and professional presentations. He is a best-selling author, and his books include:

The Psychology Industry Under a Microscope.

The Ritalin is Not the Answer Action Guide: An Interactive Companion to the best-selling Drug-Free ADD/ADHD Parenting Program [for children 2 to 12]

Unraveling the ADD/ADHD Fiasco: A Guide for Successful Parenting [for children 2 to 12]

Stop Medicating/Start Parenting: Real Solutions for Your Problem Teenager [for teens 13 to 17]

Controlling the Difficult Adolescent: The REST Program (Real Economy Program for Teens

Ritalin is Not the Answer: A Drug-free, Practical Program for Children Diagnosed with ADD or ADHD

Choosing the Right Psychologist: What the Shrinks Don’t Know, and What They Need to Fix

At the ISEPP 2013 conference, up to 22 CEU’s are available to psychologists, social workers, counselors and marriage and family therapists.  For information please contact

Dr. Michael Gilbert at or at (315) 382-0541.

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