ISEPP 2014 International Annual Mental Health Conference: Transforming Mad Science and Re-imagining Mental Health Care

Los Angeles, CA. Nov. 14-16, 2014

ISEPP 2013: Depression: What We MUST Learn Now with Clinical Psychologist John Snyder

Greensboro, NC:  The ISEPP 2013 mental health conference will have a child-centered focus.  Children and adolescents are being given dangerous antidepressant medication for “depression” when the healthy alternative is getting support for the transitory feelings on the dark side of the emotional spectrum.  Depression: What We MUST Learn Now with Clinical Psychologist John Snyder, will focus on this aspect.

Presenter:  John A. Snyder, Ed.D., Clinical Psychologist, Private practice 35 years:  Focus: Anxiety and Depression with adolescents and adults.  Recent publications: Flying Lessons: The Psychology of Anxiety and Intimacy, Authorhouse, 2005, and Overcoming Depression without Drugs, Authorhouse, 2012.

Brief Summary, Learning Objectives, and Target Audience: The pharmaceutical industry has made billions of dollars persuading everybody that feeling any powerful feelings that one would rather not feel means one is “depressed” because of a problem in the brain a pill can cure.

The inevitable strong feelings of adolescence and childhood, feelings of hurt, helplessness, sadness, betrayals, feelings that sometimes seem unbearable, are being defined as a mental illness.

This is patently wrong!

Taking a medication which supports pushing these feelings away makes no sense at all.  What works for health, healing and happiness is attending to these feelings, finding support for their expression, no matter how much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Having been engaged with thousands of people, young and old, who were lost in these swamplands of the soul, I know what works.  What works is a patient support of feelings that sometimes we desperately wish not to feel.  But psychiatrists can learn how to do that with their patients (I have some paying me for supervision to learn the richness of psychiatry before the drug companies took over).

Persons in the helping professions can learn how to do that with the ones in their care.  Parents can learn how to do that with their children.  Husbands and wives can learn how to do that for each other.  Children can even learn how to do that with parents.  This workshop will demonstrate how.

About the Presenter:

John A. Snyder, Ed.D., Psychologist—Insight Oriented Psychotherapy and Supervision.  Dr. Snyder is formerly an Instructor in Psychiatry at the School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania.  After years training psychiatric residents in an understanding of depression as a manifestation of relational dysfunction and the suppression of feelings, he became marginalized in 1975 by the department’s choice to support pharmacological research and “treatment” as the answer to these complexities of human emotional distress.

Dr. Snyder has come full circle: supervising young psychiatrists who wish to learn about a therapeutic history taking approach, and insight oriented psychotherapy; and give up the unsatisfying monitoring of antidepressant medication.  Dr. Snyder’s background is existential philosophy, liberal theology, and eclectic psychology – Freudian, Jungian, and Sullivanian.  More recently he has been influenced by the neuroscientist Antonio Damasio: “Feelings comprise the background music of our lives, feelings in the key of joy, feelings in the key of pain.”  Snyder believes all of one’s feelings are essential for emotional health and well-being. Brain-disabling treatments to suppress or silence feelings can only succeed in damaging already vulnerable adolescents and children and in the process making them less than full human beings.

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