ISEPP 2014 International Annual Mental Health Conference: Transforming Mad Science and Re-imagining Mental Health Care

Los Angeles, CA. Nov. 14-16, 2014

ISEPP 2013 with Robert Whitaker and Rethinking Mental Health Care for Children & Adolescents

The International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP) is a network of individuals with diverse backgrounds who find, study, use and promote safe, humane and life-enhancing approaches to helping people who are experiencing emotional distress, life crises, difficult dilemmas, spiritual emergencies and other forms of overwhelm and who, due to those experiences, are diagnosed with mental disorders.

Our membership includes mental health professionals, researchers, educators, lawyers, psychiatric survivors, consumers, family members and advocates. All are welcome. We support one another, inform the media, the public and fellow professionals and influence public policy about the risks entailed in biopsychiatry and the benefits of more safe, effective, life-enhancing ways of helping people who are going through hard times.

Our annual conferences are opportunities for us to connect with each other, learn, get re-energized and commit ourselves to making a difference in the world of mental health.

We invite you to join with us in making that difference. The best ways to do that are to attend our annual conference and become a member of ISEPP.

ISEPP is a non-profit 501 (c3) research and education network focusing on the critical study of the mental health movement.

ISEPP is an independent organization which takes no monies from external sources.

ISEPP members are honored to welcome back author Robert Whitaker as one of our 2013 conference presenters.

Robert Whitaker is the author of four books.  His first, Mad in America: Bad Science, Bad
Medicine and the Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill was named by Discover
magazine as one of the best science books of 2002, while the American Library
Association named it one of the best history books of that year.

His second, The Mapmaker’s Wife: A True Tale of Love, Murder and Survival in the Amazon, was named
by the American Library Association as one of the best biographies of 2004. It was
translated into eight foreign languages.

In 2008, Crown published On the Laps of Gods: The Red Summer of 1919 and the Struggle for Justice that Remade a Nation, which the San Francisco Chronicle selected as one of the best 50 non-fiction books of that year. On
the Laps of Gods was also awarded the Anthony J. Lukas work-in-progress prize.

His most recent book, Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the
Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America, investigates a medical mystery: Why has the number of adults and children disabled by mental illness skyrocketed over the past fifty years? There are now more than four million people in the United States who receive a government disability check because of a mental illness, and the number continues to soar. Every day, 850 adults and 250 children with a mental illness are added to the government disability rolls.

What is going on?

In June of this year, Robert Whitaker was invited to speak at the Vatican City.  An event six years in the making, “The Child as a Person and as a Patient: Therapeutic Approaches Compared,” was an international conference that examined the harmful effects of using prescription drugs, rather than therapy to treat emotional disorders and symptoms considered to be mental illnesses in children and expectant mothers.  Author Robert Whitaker, Irving Kirsch, Joanna Moncrieff, Pat Bracken, Giovanni Fava, Jaakko Seikkula, were among those who participated in the conference.

To find out more about our conference, or to register, please visit


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