ISEPP 2014 International Annual Mental Health Conference: Transforming Mad Science and Re-imagining Mental Health Care

Los Angeles, CA. Nov. 14-16, 2014

Child Psychologist John Rosemond at ISEPP 2013 Conference

Posed by Maria Mangicaro

The ISEPP 2013 conference takes place Nov. 1-3 in Greensboro, N.C.  Our conferences are an unparalleled opportunity to learn more about evidence-based treatment options from leading experts, experienced professionals and concerned mental health advocates.

This year’s conference is child-centered and conference organizers look forward to the participants helping to move children’s mental health towards best practice standards of care.

johnrosemondWorld-renowned child psychologist John Rosemond is among our 2013 conference presenters.   John Rosemond has worked with families, children, and parents since 1971 in the field of family psychology.

He has written eleven best-selling parenting books and is one of America’s busiest and most popular speakers.  John is known for his sound advice, humor and easy, relaxed, engaging style.

His talk will be on:


How the “Experts” Ruined Parenting in America

 by John Rosemond

In the 1960s, as America underwent a culture-wide paradigm shift, one that replaced tradition with progressivism, American parents stopped listening to and seeking child-rearing advice from their elders and began consuming the advice of professionals—pediatricians, psychologists, psychiatrists, and the like. Ever since, every single marker of positive mental health in America’s children has been in precipitous decline. Every indicator points to the conclusion that today’s children are not nearly as happy, on average, as children of the 1950s, the first decade for which we have statistical measures of child mental health and the last decade during which traditional child rearing (the term “parenting” is a new term to suit the nouveau) was ubiquitously practiced.

Family psychologist and author John Rosemond asserts that America has been in the throes of an ever-deepening child-rearing crisis since the early 1970s, and that this crisis was brought on by what he terms Postmodern Psychological Parenting, a collection of oft-conflicting theories and methodologies cut from the whole cloth of professional speculation and invention.

Today’s parents are befuddled to the point of paralysis when it comes to the simple task of raising children, and well they should be. On September 6, 2007, listed 83,682 books in the category “parenting.” That’s nearly twice the number listed in September 2006. If these books were an inch thick on average and were stacked one atop another, the resulting stack would be nearly four times the height of the Freedom Tower currently being built where once stood the World Trade Center. Rosemond calls this imaginative construction the “Tower of Parent-Babble” and notes that as was the case with the Tower of Babel, the result has been mass confusion. Without a doubt, today’s parents are the most anxious, stressed, frustrated, bewildered, and guilt-ridden generation of parents to ever inhabit any culture at any time in history, and the future holds no sign of relief.

Rosemond will expose the intellectual vacuum at the heart of Postmodern Psychological Parenting and elucidate how professional advice has created numerous difficulties in child rearing and solved absolutely none. From breakfast to bedtime, all too many of today’s parents are dealing with one parenting problem after another, the supreme irony being that they continue turning for advice to the same professionals whose advice created the problems in question! And so, America’s parenting culture continues to spiral downward.




One comment on “Child Psychologist John Rosemond at ISEPP 2013 Conference

    July 14, 2013

    Sorry, Maria, but I’m skeptical.

    ‘Traditional’ good, ‘Modern’ bad? I don’t think so! And this condemnation of modern childcare experts comes from…another modern childcare expert? Everybody’s wrong except him?

    Truly there is nothing new under the sun. Parents have been advised, and commanded, well or badly, by experts of all kinds since time immemorial. Let’s take it all with a grain of salt. Perhaps this world-renowned child psychologist I’ve never heard of has good ideas, or maybe his eleven (14?) books just add another foot or so to the Tower he imagines.

    Just consider how much of modern psychotherapy still consists of undoing the damage caused by traditional child-rearing. Spare the rod and spoil the child has had its day. Let’s not resurrect it.

    Thanks, Maria. John

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