ISEPP 2014 International Annual Mental Health Conference: Transforming Mad Science and Re-imagining Mental Health Care

Los Angeles, CA. Nov. 14-16, 2014

Psychiatryland: Marketing and Manipulation Tactics of the Biopsychiatry – Psychopharmacology Industry

Phillidelphia, PA:  Board-certified psychiatrist and author of several books, Dr. Phillip Sinaikin will be presenting a plenary Friday, November 2, at the ISEPP 2012 conference.

Based on his recently published book PSYCHIATRYLAND and over 25 years of clinical experience, the topic of his presentaion is:  “Marketing and Manipulation Tactics of the Biopsychiatry – Psychopharmacology Industry”

Book reviews of PSYCHIATRYLAND claim this is “A Must Read  For all Mental Health Professionals and Consumers” in which Dr. Sinaikin ”skillfully and convincingly challenges the current tendency to over-diagnose and over-pathologize people, and to ‘throw a pill’ at any and all problems.”

Click here to purchase PSYCHIATRYLAND through the ISEPP Amazon bookstore.

Other reviewers commented:

In a funny, intelligent, and thought-provoking style, Dr. Sinaikin critiques one of the most complex issues in 21st century healthcare.

Dr. Sinaikin compellingly deconstructs the practice of medical model bio-psychiatry through the lens of post-modern philosophy, and does so in a very user-friendly manner.

Dr. Sinaikin does not radically call for the cessation of use  of pharmacological products for psychiatric patients, but rather objects to  viewing humans, human behavior, and human suffering through so narrow a prism.  By broadening the understanding of human experience beyond biochemistry, he  supports the legitimate role of other forms of treatment and assistance,  including psychotherapy, 12-step, and other spiritually based programs.

His style is friendly and accessible; even though he presents thoughtful consideration of weighty, complex issues, he never loses sight of his  target audience: the “average Joe.”

 Conceiving of emotional, psychological, and behavioral problems as primarily the result of dysfunctional biochemical processes has become so prevalent that it is now accepted as unquestionable fact. This is where Dr. Sinaikin comes in. Dr. Sinaikin is a board-certified psychiatrist with 25 years of clinical experience.  He challenges the current dominance of the biochemical model and its position  that any subjective discomfort, unhappiness, or behavior problem has at its core  a “chemical imbalance” that can simply and directly be remedied by biochemical  treatment.

Dr. Sinaikin helps the reader to recognize the speculative and  erroneous thinking that underlies the biochemical model of psychiatry, and the  unholy alliance between the profession of psychiatry and the pharmaceutical  industry which results in a skewed conceptualization of psychiatric problems and  treatment.

 The most shocking and eye-opening portion of the book includes a behind the scenes look at the marketing strategies of powerhouse drug companies and their influence on the current practice of medical model psychiatry. He further deconstructs the biological basis of many psychological disorders, based on the very limited and less than clear-cut data that medical model psychiatrists actually use to support their existence! For the medications used to treat them, how much better  does a pill have to work than doing absolutely nothing to become FDA approved?  You will see by reading this book.

By far the most refreshing part of this book  is the fact that Dr. Sinaikin is an accomplished psychiatrist himself with years  of experience!

He doesn’t stop with a critique of current medical model  psychiatry, but goes on to provide alternative methods of reaching optimal  mental health.

As a mental health professional, I wish I could have a copy of  this book for all of the individuals that I work with to help them make informed  decisions about their own healthcare.

In Psychiatryland, Dr. Sinaikin manages  discuss multiple different psychiatric diagnoses, medication classes mechanisms  of action, in a largely jargon free and easy to read format for the purpose of  reaching consumers of mental health services.

His book literally blew me away.  I’ve reread it three times.  It’s that good!

This book is highly recommended!


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